Bolus Grant Writers

Bolus Grant Writers

Bolus Grant Writers is more than just a team of seasoned, skilled writers. When it comes to your RFP or grant, we don’t simply write award winning proposals. We write proposals that will showcase your organizations’ uniqueness while maximizing the funding allotted to you.

BGW has written grants totalling over $15,000,000 in funding for nonprofits and for-profit agencies. The keys to our success are simple. We know what funders are looking for, we take a deep look at your organizational capabilities, and find the perfect unity between the two.


About Us

A great majority of our recipients come from NYC requests for proposals (RFP’s). Our strong suits are acquiring grants from NYCDYCD, DFTA, NYCHH, NYCOEM, Discretionary Funding (City & Federal), and other agencies.

We love helping nonprofits grow so they in turn can assist the lives of the residents they serve. We work hand and hand with every organization so they may thrive at a higher level and obtain the funding to do so.

Leave Your Grant Writing To Us

BGW handles your needs from A to Z. Our pledge is that we take every step and measure necessary to give your organization the HIGHEST rate of success when applying for a grant.


Michael Bolus:

Founder/Lead Grant Writer

Within the last decade Mike has obtained over $15,000,000 for nonprofit organizations within NYC alone. His knowledge of DYCD, DFTA, NYCHA, OEM, City Council, Congress and other city entities provide valuable insight that proposers are looking for.


Gary Santiago:

Scrum Master / Project Manager

As a Certified Scrum Master using an agile framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex products, with all fields including development, research, sales, marketing and advanced technologies.


Tiffany Wong:

Data Collection and Evaluations

An expert in obtaining qualitative and quantitative data. Tiffany plays an intricate role, verifying your organization is up to par on all your necessary documentation. Thus ensuring you meet all eligibility requirements.


James Miller:

Grant Resourse Manager

With over 15 years of budgets, audits, and fiscal engagement, James will ensure you maximize every penny you're awarded. Regardless of funds that are allocated to your organization, James will find cost effective ways to free up money.

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